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2001 to 2005

The real beginning

2001: We start construction work on the brewery building. The brewhouse  and other equipment arrive before the building is completed. Anyhow we decide to install everything in the half finished building to start producing as soon as possible.

Und Gott gib Glück und Segen drein ! = “And God shall add fortune and his blessing!”

With the traditional wish from a fellow brewmaster we start the first brew on the 31st of August 2001 and soon the first organic beer in Greece is ready, fermented in a brewery without window-frames, without connection to the electricity mains (using an old and too small generator) and without the necessary cooling-equipment (using ice cubes to cool the fermentation tanks). Despite all this, the ready beer turns out to be of excellent quality.

The winter is difficult, the sales of the first cold months are, in average, less than 100 liters ! (for comparison: January 2010 the sales were over 6.000 liters). Luckily, the brewer has not yet left his job in Scotland. (He will be traveling there every month for the next three years). Bottle filling is done with a semi automatic filler, and of course we  are closing our swing stop closure bottles by hand. Labeling of the bottles is done by wall paper glue and a brush. Returned bottles (from the beginning we had decided only to use returnable bottles for environmental reasons) are cleaned with rotating brushes.

In summer 2002 we  successfully start our little beer-garden, which we regrettable had to close down in autumn of 2007 due to  lack of time.

2003: The beer is getting known throughout Greece and in 2004 we start Exports to Cyprus and Denmark.

We improve our labeling-gluing-technique by acquiring a used “museum“ machine, a table top labeling machine, allowing an hourly output of 1400 bottles. In the same year we also get a small bottle washer with a maximum output of 1500 bottles per hour. And we double our fermentation tank capacity.

2005 Dr. Bernd Brink participates as a lecturer at a CMR conference about beer.  Rethymnian Beer is delivered to the British Embassy for celebrating the Queen’s birthday.

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